To Life, To Life! L’2018!

The number ‘18’ has great significance in Judaism, its numeric value representing the word ‘Chai’. So essentially 2018 is ‘the year of life’! Throughout the year Mensch will be promoting 18 ways to live and celebrate a more meaningful life. How to help change the world, and ourselves, through small and manageable acts of giving. Read more about our first two: PAY IT FORWARD and CONNECT BY DISCONNECTING and share your efforts with those around you!

As Hebrew predates the invention of the decimal system, there were no numerals in ancient Hebrew, instead numbers were represented by Hebrew letters. The connection of a number to a meaning of the word it forms is known as ‘gematria’. The gematria most familiar to us is the word chai חי, meaning ‘life’, which equals 18. This led to the Jewish custom of giving gifts and tzedakah (charity) in multiples of 18, wishing abundant life to the recipient.

In 2018, Mensch is challenging each and every one of us to evaluate what it means to ‘be alive’. What ignites us, how we can contribute more to our society, to the less fortunate, to those around us that need help and of course to ourselves and our own health. We have 18 suggestions, and we kick off February with the first two on the list PAY IT FORWARD and CONNECT BY DISCONNECTING.

PAY IT FORWARD! Random good deeds are pleasant surprises. You have no idea how it affects other people, especially those who aren’t used to being treated that way. More than how it makes the people you help feel, you might even start a ripple with your intentional generosity and helpfulness. Post your Pay it Forward experiences to our Facebook page and help kickstart our #20ChaiChallenge!

CONNECT BY DISCONNECTING! Devices are here to stay, they are a part of our lives, they open our world and have incredible advantages. However, if we do not manage how we engage with them, we risk losing out on all that face-to-face connection has to offer. Mensch member and parent coach, Laura Markovitz shares, “when we distractedly juggle talking to our kids while texting or scrolling through a Facebook feed, we send a message that someone or something else is more important than what our kids are telling us, we role model disconnection”. Keep a note of how your relationships and parenting improves, the more time you make to ‘disconnect’. Share this impact. 


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