Dovi Brom

Executive Director

If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleep with a mosquito in the room.


Dovi is the Executive Director of CADENA SA and is concurrently working on his Law degree at the University of South Africa. Previously, Dovi worked as a commodities trader at an international trading house and while in London as an investment banker. He has also enjoyed teaching Jewish history and philosophy at King David High School in Johannesburg.

Throughout his career, Dovi has been involved in youth and young adult leadership seminars both in South Africa and Israel. He has been a leader in the Bnei Akiva Jewish Youth Movement, a consultant and educator for the The South African Board of Jewish Education and worked with the South African Union of Jewish Students at both a national and regional level.

Dovi was a committee member of the IUA's young adult division as well as a member of the South African delegation to the President's Conference in Israel.
Most recently, he was a fellow on the 27th Nachum Goldmann fellowship in Israel and an alumnus educator on the 28th fellowship in Mexico.


  • Disaster Management

  • Education

  • Volunteering

Cadena is an international humanitarian non-profit organization committed to providing aid to people affected by natural disasters around the world; and develop long lasting, cost efficient solutions that enhance the quality of living for vulnerable communities. Cadena's ethos of "hand to hand" ensures help is delivered to where it is needed, when it is needed. The organization has been so successful, that it is expanding to more than seven countries.

Born 10 years ago, as a result of the hurricane Stan. Five friends from Mexico City wanted to not only send food via the Red Cross, but they wanted to go themselves, and give the food and products to the people that needed them the most. When they arrived, they saw that the most needed people did not always get what they needed. Hence this is the driving force - to work with the most vulnerable communities without intermediaries.

In South Africa and Southern Africa, the focus will be on both humanitarian need, as well as disaster management response.