Be the Change’ was the theme of the Mensch workshop run for the Netzer Madrichim (youth leaders) before they departed for camp. Madrichim are looked to as role models, and this session aimed to inspire their thinking about our ability as individuals to create social impact. The group were creative in generating fabulous ideas to carry through to their camp activities. Thanks Netzer for inviting us!

The programme kicked off with a session run by executive and life coach Shannon Pam on the concept of empathy – exploring what we care about, what makes us care about certain things and the ways we can show we care. A central theme that emerged was of human dignity and the right to dignity. Not to treat people as inferior, not to discriminate against, not to ignore, not to impose judgement and not to exclude.  The conversation then linked to meaningful ways that one can heal the world (tikkun olam) and examined relevant and innovative examples of ‘change-making’ in the areas of advocacy, activism, philanthropy, volunteering, social development and social entrepreneurship.

The group was challenged to brainstorm solutions to problems in areas that they care about and then presented these realistic and actionable responses to their peers. Initiatives that would address challenges around female empowerment, animal care, the environment and sport and education were amongst the most popular.