People are so hungry in this country right now! … 13 million food-insecure people… They eat less than a meal per day, and that meal is not nutritious… Their children are eating even less… People are literally starving!

Lorenzo Davids, CEO – Community Chest Western Cape, June 2020

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According to Stats SA’s latest available poverty trends, 25.2% of the population was below the food poverty line in 2015, living on less than R441 a month, meaning they couldn’t afford enough food for the minimum required daily energy intake. The food poverty line has since been raised to R561.

A recent survey found that one in three adults go to bed hungry because of unemployment and the subsequent loss of income. Fear, depression and discouragement are beginning to set in for many as social distress leaves them hopeless. (Food Forward SA)

“It never stops – every day, thousands of desperately hungry South Africans of all races plead for food”

Though this Jewish Relief Campaign’s focus on FOOD to be shared widely by you and via collaborative effort, we aim to keep this message top of mind and create continued engagement, awareness and a platform for raising funds.

These beneficiaries have been selected because they:

  • Have been running successful programmes for food relief, even prior to Covid -19
  • Are grassroots organisations with strong community ties
  • Understand the food and psycho-social needs of their beneficiaries
  • Are approved Mensch Network Members

“have you been out there recently, people are really starving”


Souper Troopers provides specific events and services that allow The Homeless to be seen and heard. Their aim is to share dignity, love and respect while empowering the Troopers to make sustainable changes in their lives.

Instead of aiming to solve this complex problem with a complex solution, they’re humanising it, keeping it simple. They use human engagement as a catalyst for change, breaking barriers by creating moments of human connection.

During Covid-19 Souper Troopers are helping to deliver 160 000 meals per week. They are committed to feeding and supporting the hungry homeless and homeful.


Operational since August 2016, this Social Upliftment Programme, provides training and upskill in the craft of crochet to unemployed woman, mostly refugees, living in subhuman conditions in Joe Slovo township, Milnerton, Cape Town. They recieve no government aid.

Still required to social distance and with limited product sales – these ladies have now lost much of their income and cannot feed their families and pay rent. Additionally confined to one room with their family and sharing ablution facilities, their living conditions immediately compromises their health. The H18 Feeding scheme feeds these 30 ladies and their families, as well as another 39 families living in these same conditions in Jo Solve. They have a waiting list of others that they also need to feed.

Says Amanda “We have to try and help our 30 ladies and another 30 that once worked with the H18 Family, stay safe during this crisis. We need to help them buy food, eat , pay rent and stay healthy. We are also trying to keep H18 Foundation viable on the other side of this crisis, so that we can continue to Uplift, Upskill, and Empower – these ladies have nowhere else to go.


Today, The UJW focuses on supporting vulnerable children and their families living in poverty in Cape Town. Relationships with creches, hospitals, feeding schemes and daycare centres established over many years are strengthened by the UJW’s partnership models, their ethos of care, and their understanding of the beneficiary’s day-to-day experiences.

Their operational savvy and passion to help others, enabled the ladies of the UJW to pivot effectively and immediately escalate their food relief programmes to meet the additional urgent needs caused by Covid-19.

These are the seven Cape Town educare and daycare centres that they continue support during COVID and beyond – Feeding 783 children, teachers, helpers ad their families.


Envirochild is an environmental focused NGO dedicated to the goal of a healthy, sustainable, prosperous and united community in Hout Bay – creating inspiration and a model that other communities can follow in the same path.

During Covid-19, they are working tirelessly with Nazley Sadan to provide immune boosting food parcels and cooked meals (soup and rice n veg) for the vulnerable community members in Hangberg, Hout Bay, especially for the elderly and the disabled. Since the start of Covid-19 they’ve been feeding over 500 families and aim to reach even more. They are also running organic food garden projects. As the Hout Bay community consists of rich, poor, black and white people – it can become the showcase of a community that cares.