Gemilut chassidim: Acts of loving-kindness

High on the agenda for Mensch is activating Jewish youth in areas of social justice and activism. Connecting the dots between Jewish values of chessed  (benevolence, or compassion) gemilut chassidim (acts of loving-kindness) and the social challenges South Africa is facing, is vital to grow thoughtful, impactful Jewish youth and the future of both our community, and South African society.

Mensch teamed up with Herzlia’s Jewish Life and Learning  (JLL) team to offer Grade 10 students a broad spectrum of opportunities as part of their ‘Gemilut Chassidim Programme’ this year. Students are asked to connect with an organisation in need and give 10 hours of volunteer service, then report back on their experience.

The Herzlia Gemilut Chassidim programme has been a highlight of the JLL curriculum for over a decade, and this year Mensch helped to extend the programme to include Mensch Network member’s organisations as options with whom students could volunteer. This gave the programme a broader range of volunteering opportunities offered to the pupils. Thank you Mensch Network members Dani Janks and Marilyn May from Atlantic Hope, Kerry Hoffman from Souper Troupers, Ben Getz from Urban Harvest and Kayli Levitan from The Street Store for participating.  And of course to Herzlia for the opportunity to collaborate!