With the overwhelming chaos of so many sick people and limited access to PPE for healthcare professionals not working in hospitals  –  a group of family doctors in Cape Town, who previously all worked apart, came together to collaborate on ideas to better serve their patients and their communities. The Masks for Medics campaign was launched.

Masks for Medics is a disaster management fund set up to help those people who will care for others in their community, from Central Cape Town to the Cape Flats and the surrounding Townships.

To reduce the spread of the virus and safeguard our healthcare workers in the home, palliative-care nurses, emergency responders, family doctors, physiotherapists, and wound sisters – the programme provides the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to our heroes on the frontline who are the most at risk.

As lock-down eases, community spread increases, and a cold winter approaches  – the number of positive Covid -19 patients are expected to exponentially escalate. We need to be better prepared and better trained.

Masks for Medics aims to:

  • Provide the critical PPE which includes gowns, masks, visors, gloves and sanitizers and necessary essential medical equipment such as monitors and thermometers to health care workers, Doctors, Nurses, Palliative Care practitioners, emergency response personal and Carers to the elderly.
  • Train health care workers
  • Enable Covid19 patients to be treated in their own homes and thus avoid overburdening the hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Dispose of soiled PPE safely

These are the passionate doctors driving the programme

”Our responsibility to our patients extends into their own homes. GPs like myself have an opportunity to really make a difference and I look forward to playing my part during these unprecedented times.”  Dr Anthony Smith

”As a community GP, I strongly value my relationships with & connection to my patients. I pray this will hold us all through these unchartered waters.”  Dr Lauren Lee 

”In the time of this humanitarian crisis, this is my calling. It is what I have trained for.  If not me, then who?” Dr Sarahan Brophy

“If and when the pandemic grows locally, home-based care will be of paramount significance and will make a huge difference to our patients wellbeing, as we have learnt from other countries experience.”  Dr Natalia Novikova

”My primary role as a family practitioner has always been one of service to the community.”  Dr Julie Etellin

”The COVID19 crisis will leave many families broken and separated from their loved ones. As a family doctor, I am passionate about doing my best to bridge this gap.”  Dr Sonia Hough