We got the call, we made the call, the coffee was poured! Shayni Geffen, Mensch Network member and Women’s Platform Operations Manager at the Scalabrini Centre for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, asked Mensch for a connect to restauranteurs that could provide work shadow opportunities for their Women’s Access Employment Programme (EAP).

Thanks to Stanley and Shirley of much loved Café Riteve and Norrie Caterers, members of the Scalabrini Class of Hospitality are now receiving practical experience learning the art of being a coffee barista, as well as the operations of the catering industry.

Says Shayni, “Many woman refugees struggle to find work, and though they do have the legal status to be employed, they just don’t have the social capital. They don’t know where to start, how to gain people’s trust or how to inform potential employers that asylum seekers and refugees do qualify for employment.’’ Continues Shayni, “It’s incredibly difficult to overcome these challenges, to get employment and to survive in SA.’’ The centre gives these woman some social capital and the ability to gain skills and potentially make connections for future employment.

We can’t thank Norrie Caterers enough for stepping up so quickly to help provide this opportunity, and for embracing the Scalabrini employment programme and these women so graciously.

Can you offer a similar opportunity?  Email info@mensch.org.za