Achievement of Potential’, ‘Character Development’, ‘Creativity’, ‘Discipline’, ‘Respect’, ‘Balance‘ and ‘Pride’ were areas highlighted as requiring additional focus in a values survey conducted by Herzlia last year. In their endeavour to provide an all-rounded Jewish education, Herzlia will focus on these development areas collectively, in a new educational pillar: Menschlichkeit.

Menschlichkeit is a Yiddish word that refers to all the qualities of being a “mensch”- a moral and honourable person of good character and decency. Qualities –Middot – of Menschlichkeit are rooted in Jewish values and can be constantly nurtured and developed.

Learning to embody and exhibit these qualities builds strength of character, enabling individuals to compassionately understand themselves, positively relate to others, and to successfully navigate the world around them. Being a mensch brings meaning and purpose, and enhances every aspect of our daily lives.

In 2018, Herzlia will be launching campaigns that tie into the rhythm of the Jewish year and speak to these core values. Herzlia will embrace making improvements to the inner world of their learners and educators and this will ultimately have a greater impact on broader society and the world around. This process of character development is well known in classic Jewish thought as Mussar meaning discipline or correction.

The most effective way to educate about Menschlichkeit is to be a mensch oneself. With the addition of the Menschlichkeit pillar, Herzia will endeavour to inculcate these values in every aspect of school life.

We look forward to working with the school to offer learners theoretical and experiential education opportunities by connecting with our Mensch Network members. Watch this space!