Anna Shevel


Anna is a master manifestos with an 'everything is possible' approach. She is a doer, a change-maker and makes tea that tastes like hugs in cups!


Anna is passionate about natural food, eco-tourism and healthy living. She has launched unique initiatives like Food Route Tours, The Good Food Network, and The City of Eden. She is rearranging the world based on her ideals of inclusivity, connection to nature, abundance, health, integrity, creativity and importantly - fun!

Anna is pioneering “GOOD” food tourism in the Western Cape with her recently published “Good Food Map” for foodies who want to find natural and ethical eating spots. The map is part of the first of its kind, “Good Food Network”, an online directory of all the farms, outlets and experts in the natural, local, and organic food ecosystem in South Africa.

As a result of running a successful World Design Capital Project called The City of Eden in 2014, she started a niche tour company called Food Route: Organic and Urban Farm Tours, which includes visits to local urban farms, township food projects, foraging experiences, biodynamic wine, raw chocolate, bee-keeping and other exciting activities for people that love learning more about nature and think of eating as an adventure!


  • Environment

  • Food Security

"The Good Food Network"
The Good Food Network (GFN) is South Africa’s most comprehensive online resource for finding local, ethical, fair and sustainable food outlets, farms, suppliers, events and training courses. It is a mapped directory that uses geolocating to connect the public with local organic and natural food places closest to them, while helping natural, and organic farmers, food producers and experts get exposure to more customers.

“GOOD” includes ethical, fair, local, sustainable, organic and natural, and so the Good Food Network aims to accelerate the growth of the GOOD food sector until it replaces the current (broken and toxic) industrial food system.

"The Good Food Map"
The Good Food Map is a downloadable and printable map that promotes ethical, local and sustainable food places so that visitors can make GOOD food choices while investing in people, products and companies that respect the health of their customers, the Earth, local communities, and future generations.

"Food Route Tours"
Food Route's Organic Food and Urban Farm tours create inspiring experiences for people that are interested in natural and organic urban farming.
Each food tour is set against the backdrop of Cape Town's magnificent landscape and includes activities like eating locally grown natural and organic food, harvesting fresh fruit and veg, planting trees in community-gardens, visiting local markets, and learning how to grow food at home.