Danielle Klaff

Director and Chairperson

Spreading light and love and info for a better world

ABOUT Danielle

Danielle Klaff is an eco pioneer. Having lived ‘off the grid’ in The Wilderness for many years Danielle moved to Hout Bay, Cape Town in 2006 to make a difference. She joined Envirochild in 2007 and hosted the first HOUT BAY GREEN FAIRE. Now, 11 years later the GREEN FAIRE is a successful zero waste event, powered by Solar and Wind power. The GREEN FAIRE promotes easy access to sustainable lifestyle options for all.

Danielle is an Eco Auditor and consults homeowners, schools, businesses, events and restaurants on how to make changes to implement greener lifestyle options.



  • Community Development

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Food Security

Envirochild is an Non Profit Company (NPC) dedicated to the goal of a healthy, sustainable, prosperous and united community in Hout Bay creating inspiration and a model where other communities can follow in the same path.

Envirochild aims to facilitate ‘green and sustainable development’ projects in Hout Bay and surrounding areas that share its vision and goals, by acting as an ‘umbrella’ organisation. Envirochild is the legal and admin channel for micro and entrepreneurial projects who share its vision and goals.