Adi Shachar

Founder/Executive Director

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela


Dr HeartBeat is a notable brand founded by Adi Shachar in 2018. She is a passionate and multi-talented individual with over five years’ experience in care clowning at hospitals, in hallways, waiting rooms and elevators. orphanages, creches and old age homes.

Specifically trained using the therapeutic art of play and humour utilising expressive therapy modalities such as magic, music and puppetry as part of the healing process. Adi has helped patients, their families and medical teams reduce fear and anxiety while increasing their strength and motivation to cope with their illnesses. She connects with patients and the medical teams in a way that is markedly different from the rest of their experience in the hospital.

Dr HeartBeat has recently partnered with Dr Amnon Raviv, the first practitioner to earn a PhD in Medical Clowning. As an instructor of medical clowning, he teaches at the Ben-Gurion University Medical School and at the Tel Hai Academic College. Together they are pioneering the way for South Africa to be a global player by creating an accredited skills development programme, which will open opportunities for a career as a medical clown and provide job opportunities to unemployed youth via the YES Campaign.


  • Education

  • Skills Development

A non-profit company (NPC) registered as “HeartBeat Clowns”, intends to pioneer the professional skill of medical clowning in South Africa. The professional skill will be targeted at unemployed youth and aligned with the credentials of the YES Campaign, recently launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa. Dr HeartBeat is a registered skills provider and implementation partner for this Campaign. This is an incentivized programme to encourage businesses to provide job opportunities for youth. It forms a collaboration between government, labour, civil society, to initiate projects which are geared to create job opportunities, assisting to resolve the country’s unemployment crisis.

The initial ten (10) day training programme takes place in August 2018 and is targeted at black creative youth from the age of 21 – 34. Dr HeartBeat has engaged in a strategic business partnership to work together with Corporate Businesses, Civil Society and Government to bring the skill of "Medical Clowning" to South Africa as a profession and align it with the Youth Empowerment Service (YES) Campaign launched in March 2018.

Our aim is to create job opportunities in “medical clowning” and in doing so, use these professional skills to work in various hospitals with the youth.
We aim to complete the following tasks:
• Pioneer the way for South Africa to be a global player and part of an internationally recognized professional hospital clown organization called the European Federation of Hospital Clown Organization (EFHCO)
• Build a dynamic team of multicultural medical clowns who represent the diversity of our rainbow nation which no other medical clowning organisation has in place
• Initiate job creation between business and government which intends to address South Africa’s massive youth unemployment challenge by opening a whole industry new sector in medical clowning
• Create a South African cultural identity to readdress social imbalances and establish prospects promoting inclusion for unemployed youth by providing job opportunities
• Celebrating our uniqueness as a nation and fostering constitutional values