Patsy Fivelman


We must always be women of action


Durban born Patsy Fivelman is the past Chairman of the Union Of Jewish Woman (CT) and a member of the UJW Simcha Group, whose pilot project is The Noluntu Soup Kitchen, fondly known as Ria’s Kitchen (Silvertown Khayelitsha).

When not involved with the UJW, you can find Patsy at Dogon Group Properties (Claremont) where she works as a property and estate agent.


  • Children and Infants

  • Youth Development

Committed to investing in all the people of South Africa, The UJW strives to create a better quality of life for all.

The Noluntu Food Kitchen is the flagship project of the UJW's Simcha Branch. Also known as Ria's Kitchen, the project provides a safe environment and feeding scheme for vulnerable children.

It began in 2004 with meager meals provided from Ria’s housekeeper’s wages for seven hungry children. When money ran out Ria locked the door and wept. In 2010 Ria and the Simcha Branch of the UJW joined forces and her dream of a soup kitchen became a reality. She now feeds over 60 children between the ages of 2 years and 17 years, every day.

Simcha undertook to provide food and basic necessities and by obtaining the very generous sponsorship in 2014 from another sponsor for Ria, she was able to concentrate on her feeding scheme, developing and creating a place of safety for the children on a full-time basis. She currently provides breakfast every morning for the children before they go to school and on weekends they receive a cooked meal.

Indeed one of South Africa’s heroes, Ria has great compassion and empathy for the vulnerable. Her strength and determination to make a difference shine through. She is committed and passionate about her project, seeing it as her life’s work, and executes it with complete dedication. Ria not only feeds the children but also teaches them social skills, survival techniques and life skills. Ria has enrolled in a pre-school teaching programme in order to enhance her skills.