Gavin Morris



Gavin Morris was born in Bloemfontein, which at the time had a small but very vibrant Jewish community, and where he was very active in Habonim. After finishing school, he spent a year in Israel with Habonim before enrolling at UCT and subsequently graduating with a BA degree in History and Jewish Civilization.

He then worked as a producer in the film and advertising industry until returning to UCT to complete his MBA in 2007. After a brief period working in marketing, Gavin came full circle, returning to his early interests and personal roots by taking over the directorship of the SA Jewish Museum where he has overseen the development and implementation of the SAJM Cultural Diversity Programme.


  • Education

  • Interfaith

The South African Jewish Museum's (SAJM) Cultural Diversity Programme aims to help shape the consciousness and understanding of the cultural diversity within our society, and inculcate respect for the dignity and rights of others. It is a non-denominational programme that has been endorsed by the Western Cape Education Department. The programme provides learners with an opportunity to gain an understanding of issues such as prejudice, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination in a fun and experiential manner. Most importantly the programme aims to teach the learners to understand the commonality of human values across all religions.

The SAJM Cultural Diversity Programme focusses predominantly on schools from disadvantaged areas. It is a fully subsidised programme that is offered at no cost to schools. The programme provides schools and learners with lesson plans, all the required materials, transport to and from the museum, specially trained facilitators, and a kosher meal for each student.