Genevieve Bootcov


TOGETHER WE CAN! - Is what I always say. My experience has truly taught me that it really does take a village to raise a child.

ABOUT Genevieve

Genevieve Bootcov is a safety parent for vulnerable babies and the founder of Little Hands Baby Home. She grew up going to Herzlia School and then set off to Varsity college where she studied business. From a young age, being a member of the Netzer Jewish youth movement has played a huge part in her Jewish experience. As a leader (madricha) within the movement, her passion for taking care of children developed.

When Genevieve aged out of Netzer, she began volunteering at the 'Ubuntu' baby house. Then, after years of volunteering, she chose to formalise this role and became an accredited safety parent for babies. Still, she felt there was more she could be doing – which led her down the path of opening her own baby house - and to be able to also share the volunteering experience with her community


  • Children and Infants

  • Volunteering

Little Hands Baby Home is unique in that it does not just meet the needs of the babies like any temporary housing practice. The home cares about each child individually. The aim is to provide the unique aspects of care that each child needs to reach their full potential. To lovingly provide them with a head start for wherever life takes them once they leave the home.

Little Hands strongly believes each child is unique and requires unique and individual care. We believe the psycho and social needs of a child are just as important as their physical requirements. We hope to incorporate our community in this project to ensure each child has what they need to thrive in this complex and changing world.