Glenn Joselowitz

Owner/ Director

I am driven by the children's awakening to their abilities.


As a Protea Gymnastics Coach, Glenn owned a large gymnastics school and it was here that he saw a need for physical literacy. The children that were fortunate enough to go to good schools were still not receiving a holistic physical education and most children were left lacking. This problem is then exasperated as you go down the socio-economic ladder, with the children on the lower rungs not even having access to a sports programme at school or a space to exercise and gain body strength and physical self esteem.

Based in the Cape Town suburb of Milnerton, The Kids Gym, inspired by Glen's daughter who has her own physical challenges, is going to change that for those that can afford it, and the NGO arm Physical Literacy For Children will develop those children without financial means.


  • Education

  • Health

  • Youth Development

Many schools have replaced physical education with sport or life skills – this is a compromise and does not replace the developmental values and benefits of a sound physical literacy foundation which is as important as the 3Rs in the formative years.

The PLC-NPC aims to contribute to filling this educational gap, by providing physical literacy programmes to indigent & special needs children particularly at preschool and primary school level.

The programme will provide holistic, balanced, non-competitive physical activity to help children reach developmental goals, build self-esteem, and experience and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It will provide centralized facilities, equipment and trainers of the highest level for the delivery of structured, supervised age-appropriate training.

Currently programmes are run for Little Lambs, a NPO based in Dunoon and run by mothers, and where until coming to the Gym the kids had never even seen Table Mountain. Other programmes are run for Perpetua House, a PBO offering schooling for learners with special educational needs and for Molenbeek Special Needs School in Maitland.