Isa-Lee Jacobson


I believe that connection is everything – to ourselves, others, and our planet.


Documentary filmmaker, Isa-Lee Jacobson, has had the privilege of making films for non-profits - giving her insights into pockets of this continent that one would not generally be able to access. You can view some of her work here:

She has always been interested in social justice issues, with a belief that it is incumbent upon Jews, given our history, to be mindful of the most vulnerable in our society. When Covid struck and it became apparent that many Capetonians would be left without the means to sustain themselves, she joined Cape Town Together.

As one of the earliest members of the network, she took on the responsibility of co-ordinator of the Seaboard CAN (Community Action Network). The experience has been so positive and rewarding for her in so many ways, that after a year of doing this work - she knows that this is a journey she wishes to continue.


  • Community Development

  • Disaster Management

  • Food Security

  • Volunteering

The Seaboard CAN (Community Action Network) was established on the 24th of March 2020, the eve of South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown. Concerned residents rapidly found each other and started mobilising to support vulnerable people in their neighbourhoods and their networks.

They partnered early on with the Gugulethu CAN, led by Pamela Silwana - supporting their community kitchens and providing logistics. They also provide support when the Gugs community is under pressure - particularly in response to shack fires by bringing through donations from the Seaboard. They were also able to provide the finance for Pam’s auxiliary social worker studies so that she can better serve her community.

The Seaboard CAN continues to partner with the Gugulethu Urban Farming Initiative and their co-ordinators, Vuyani Qamata and Busi Selena - both extraordinary community leaders, determined to create a green Gugulethu and help residents put healthy food on their tables.

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