Kerry Petrie

Project Manager


Kerry, a co-founder and project manager of NELI, has worked for the past 10 years in NPO/NGO project development and management. She enjoys supporting teams to achieve their goals and has worked with groups around South Africa to support health, human rights, community mobilisation and media interventions.


  • Education

  • Governance

  • Leadership

The Norkitt Education Leadership Initiative (NELI) aims to strengthen support to School Governing Bodies (SGBs) both through better designed capacity building programmes and through the creation of bodies that connect SGBs to one another and to other forms of support. Historical inequality in South Africa has entrenched an education crisis. This has resulted in pervasive institutional weakness which in turn leaves our State institutions vulnerable to capture. These mutually reinforcing crises trap the country in a destructive cycle. By creating a cadre of community-level governors who ensure good governance for school improvement and community oversight, NELI offers a unique model to impact this cycle.

NELI strengthens institutional capacity within the SGB to ensure members have: A meaningful say in how schools are run; the ability to hold education stakeholders accountable; and the confidence to mobilise and leverage the knowledge, skills and networks of the school's community (including the schools' neighbours, small business leaders, religious leaders, NGOs, government and corporations).