Kevin James

Founder and CEO

We are all accountable to make a positive impact on the planet


Kevin James is a green economy entrepreneur with a very clear vision - Net Zero. He is involved in various green enterprises and NGOs working to make this vision a reality.

He is the founder and Chief Executive of GCX an environmental sustainability company that provides tools and expertise to large, complex organisations to set and track more ambitious environmental sustainability targets.

Kevin is also a non-executive Director of The Green Building Council South Africa.


  • Energy

  • Environment

Many companies have previously seen sustainability as a box ticking compliance exercise, with money going out and there being no return. The GCX carbon experts work with clients across all sectors to unlock significant opportunities to reduce costs, increase profits and enhance brand equity by becoming resource efficient organisations with the ultimate goal of Net Zero Carbon.

They’re a passionate team of engineers, business strategists, sustainability specialists, entrepreneurs and economists have helped hundreds of companies to measure, manage, and report on all aspects of their energy and carbon. Through their access to multidisciplinary human capital, GCX is unique in its ability to not only provide transparency into an organisations’ carbon and energy data but to use this to design tailor-made solutions to support responsible and profitable business models.

GCX Eco Analytics is a business intelligence service using innovative data analytics dashboards to provide powerful benchmarking and financial insight into big carbon, waste and utility data.

GCX Zero Waste, is a strategic waste consultancy helping companies optimise their waste value chain and ultimately achieve zero waste to landfill.

Zero Waste Technologies is a project development and engineering company that develops, owns and operates waste to energy facilities.