Lisa Sandler


Lisa graduated from UCT with B.Soc Sci with Honours in Economics before working in the Fashion Industry for 14 years. She has a passion for making a difference and has always been involved with Chesed and volunteering in the community. Lisa has been instrumental in organising ORT SA CAPE's popular annual farm family luncheons. The growth in the organisation can be accredited in part to her ability to promote the work successfully.


  • ECD

  • Education

  • Vocational Training

ORT SA CAPE is an educational NGO, born of necessity in 1994 and operating at the forefront of education in the Western Cape. The organisation focuses particularly on disadvantaged schools, teachers and children.

In 2014 over 10 000 children and 320 teachers benefited from ORT SA CAPE's innovative enrichment programmes, implemented by a small professional team, and complemented with consultants and approximately 200 volunteers. ORT SA CAPE has 3 focus areas: CASPER: Constructive Afterschool Programme for Enrichment, Grades 1 - 9; Teacher Training; and Monitoring and Evaluation.

ORT SA CAPE aims to optimise the combination of ''Tzedakah'' and ''Ukulungisa''. ''Tzedakah'' is a commandment, not an option, to redress inequity by giving of one's time or money. ''Ukulungisa'', is an African concept meaning a ''chance to put things right''. It prides itself on its ability to adapt to change and embrace challenges of the evolving South African Education system. ORT SA CAPE aims to keep children off the street and in enriching learning experiences, and helping teachers, engage with their challenges.