Love begins with self


Founder of HumanWaking, Mandy Myerson is passionate about connected living. She is a mother of two, developer of the AWAKE superfood snacks, social entrepreneur and on a journey of Waking Up which aims to inspire others to towards conscious and connected living.


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HumanWaking is a movement aimed at inspiring people to step into the best version of themselves, offering content and workshops to build a community and connect to like-hearted communities.

It is all about waking up and contributing to shifting consciousness on a global scale. Their aim is to inspire people to become active participants in making positive change in our world. It is a platform, portal and space for those who are in the process of waking up and taking responsibility in becoming the change that they wish to see.

Their first tangible offering are the AWAKE superfood snacks which are hand pressed, nutrient dense snacks, made from 12 ingredients - shifting consciousness with food.