ABOUT Marilyn

Marilyn is an Enrolled Staff Nurse registered with the South African Nursing Council and a member of the Society of Private Nurse Practitioners of South Africa. She has over a decade's experience and expertise as a nurse in well-baby clinics, as a Lactation Counsellor, and as an Advanced Doula registered through WOMBS. Marilyn is recognised by the Provincial Western Cape Department of Social Development as an approved safety parent with a focus on child protection, and works closely with numerous Social Services in the Western Cape and surrounds.


  • Children and Infants

  • Family Support

  • Health

Established in 2010, Atlantic Hope is a safety house for vulnerable babies, providing temporary and immediate placement within a safe and loving environment. Basic developmental, physical and mental care is provided and medical needs prioritised. Babies are fed, kept warm, and given affection in a stable environment.

The home is legally approved to house a number of babies at one time providing care whilst legal proceedings determining the child's future are conducted. Atlantic Hope believes that every child should have the best possible start in life. The home serves as an immediate and temporary safe-haven for new-borns and infants who have been abandoned, removed from their parent's care, or are awaiting adoption.