Moonyeen Castle

Non-Executive Director

I feel privileged to contribute to various Jewish community organisations in leadership positions.

ABOUT Moonyeen

A teacher by profession, Moonyeen was born in Johannesburg, spent her teenage years in Welkom, met and married a Capetonian and has lived here for 50 years. She has held various leadership positions in Jewish communal organisations.

With the advent of our Democratic dispensation, she felt that to live in South Africa with dignity meant she had to do something to uplift the lives of the disadvantaged segment of the South African community. Afrika Tikkun afforded her this opportunity, in some small measure, to do something positive for children and youth living in the townships.

Afrika Tikkun is dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and their families through its community ''Centres of Excellence'' and strategic partnerships. The organisation's ''Cradle to Career'' model reflects a commitment to supporting children from infancy into adulthood and industrious employment to ensure that they become the next generation of well-rounded productive South African citizens realising their inherent potential.

This is implemented through a combination of programmes and initiatives that enables the education and development of the child from early childhood, through schooling, and to providing skills to tackle the job market. Moonyeen together with Li Boiskin and Anne Harris liaises with the staff that run the Family Centres of Excellence. As a Non-Executive Director she represents the Cape on the National Board. Afrika Tikkun has emerged as a robust organisation with a significant footprint on child and youth development.