Peter Mayson



Peter is an activist. He's built houses, been a soldier, a spy, an ambulance assistant, a flight steward, a mechanic, a student, and a political activist working to help overthrow apartheid. Today he works as a computer programmer and now focuses his social Tikkun Olam interests in projects that create energy saving through the direct use of the sun to heat water.

The fourth of five boys, Peter was born in the rural Eastern Cape and at the age of 10 moved to the East Rand. After matriculating he served his National Service in the fire brigade. In Cape Town Peter played an active role in anti-Apartheid activism and worked with organisations and political activists assisting them and their families to deal with the trauma caused by detention.


  • Energy

  • Environment

Driven by an ethos that the sun shines on us all, rich and poor, and that it is ours to harness - Tshiba Ngelenga literally translates to ''heated by the sun''. It is an enterprise run by Peter and two friends and features The Tshisa Box as their flagship product.

The box is a 10 litre solar geyser (kettle/box) designed for people who usually use a kettle, electric paraffin or wood to heat water for household use. Instead by using the sun, the Tshisa Box heats water to 62 degrees celsius and one unit can usually supply up to 2 X 10 litres per day. It retails at R200, or as a 10unit R1300 starter-pack for a business. Micro entrepreneurs are encouraged to invest in this green economy to reduce rural, impoverished communities' reliance on fossil fuels, and also to help stop deforestation.