Sa Shaked


Israeli Progressive Rabbi Sa'ar Shaked, serving at Beit Emanuel Progressive Synagogue, Parktown, Johannesburg, since 2013.


Prior to arriving in South Africa Rabbi Sa'ar Shaked was involved in peace activism as an Executive Director of the 'Sulha Peace Project'; as a teacher in a Jewish-Arab school; as a broadcaster on 'All for Peace Radio' and as Chairman of the Education Committee of the NGO Peace Forum. Those experiences led to the writing of his book 'Peace on God's Land' (Reselling Press, 2012) and his video documentary 'Gate was Sealed' (2015, Hebrew/Arabic, English Sub.)

Since his arrival in South Africa he has been involved with and assists in a variety of projects in the areas of interfaith, human diversity, social and environmental justice.


  • Environment

  • Gender

  • Interfaith

The Progressive Jewish Synagogue offers Shabbat and Holidays services, a religious school 'cheder' for children and adults, and a community-hub. The community is involved in charity and social justice initiatives and is LGBTQ friendly and an inclusive zone.