Roy Silver


I'm passionate about helping people make a profit while making a difference.


Roy is a Chartered Accountant and started a business in the recruitment industry called Quest. It grew to become one of the biggest in the field and was a leader in social responsibility. Quest employed over 200 people.

Roy sold the business to a public company in 2000 and followed his dream of focusing on social impact. He wrote a book called 'Successfully Employing People with Disabilities' and opened a recruitment agency focused on that market.

Roy brings much of his experience to the Board of Mensch, he has also served on the boards of Staffwise, Astra and is currently Treasurer of Work4You, a disability training and placement service.

Roy is currently researching the opportunity for Conscious Capitalism in SA.


  • Skills Development

Evolve is a consultancy focused on social replication and social enterprise. Social replication is based on the concept of applying successful social impact models through social franchising, licensing, branches etc.

Evolve Social Enterprise is committed to helping our clients enhance their social impact. We achieve this by collaborating with non profit organizations, social enterprises and corporates to analyze their successes and challenges in their quest for a positive impact. Our team has many years experience in social enterprise and social replication, as well as extensive knowledge of best practice in human resources with a special focus on open labour market placements of people with disabilities.

The power of mentorship fascinates us and our journey has included research and development of high impact mentor-mentee and peer-to-peer models. We are committed to radically shifting the 80% unemployment rate of people with disabilities to an 80% employment rate within 5 years.Our geographic focus is the Western Cape whilst developing partnerships across South Africa and internationally.

We believe that everyone has an innate desire to succeed-and then to move from success to significance. Based on this philosophy Evolve will play an active part in growing the sustainable social and impact entrepreneurs of the future.