Leela Codron



With a background working in the not-for-profit sector, Leela has over a decade of communications and marketing experience. Driven by a genuine need to engage with and assist those who need it the most, Leela has happily made it her mission to give of her time fully in service to others.



  • Prison Services

  • Wellness and Alternative Health

SevaUnite identifies ways for you to selflessly serve. The path of Seva challenges us to explore our stuff, our stories, our issues. It pushes us out of our comfort zones, allowing us to discover that our lives are filled with deep meaning and purpose. Through distributions or the 'Yoga for Africa' projects, we get people doing Seva.

Through distributions SevaUnite collects unused/unwanted clothing, toys and household items, and redistributes them to those who could most certainly use them.

The Prison Freedom Project includes volunteer-led yoga classes, distributing yoga manuals and course materials and mentoring inmates through letter writing. SevaUnite also partners with the Human Kindness Foundation. The project has been running since 2010 and has grown to include classes in the Pollsmoor maximum facility's admissions center, the male juvenile section and the women's unit. Weekly classes are also run at the Malmesbury medium facility. Besides these volunteer-led yoga classes, inmates can enrol in a FREE six module Yoga and Mindfulness Correspondence course. Offenders, after experiencing the benefits of the practices for themselves, pass them on to other offenders who then write to us for the course.