Shani Kay

Executive Producer and Managing Director

I am a passionate advocate of the new paradigm of responsible, sustainable, purposeful business.


Shani is an experienced Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist working with global clients to design, produce and amplify content and tools that are relevant, compelling and inspiring.

Born in Pretoria, she completed her Bachelor of Business Science (Hon) at UCT, and in 2015 her MBA in Executive Management at the UCT GSB. Shani's passion is helping to unlock the value of purposeful business; working with the international business community to articulate this purpose through communications strategy and the creation of believable, authentic stories.

Shani firmly believes that the business community has a significant opportunity to contribute to the global transformation agenda with new and innovative solutions; and in doing so, to construct what will become the business of the future. Through systems thinking, creative conversations, strategy development and communications execution, she helps her clients to realize the synergized value that is created in this space of storytelling.


  • Community Development

Regency Foundation Networx is a not for profit international development agency - encouraging collaboration between governments, business, civil society and the United Nations. Regency is a global specialist in telling the stories of purpose-led brands with a mandate to develop content that inspires action.

We believe that profitable, responsible business is fundamental to our sustainable future; and that strategically crafted, authentic communications can help grow this agenda. As communication strategists with a rich understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities most pressing to business, we are passionate about telling the purposeful human stories of leading global brands.

With journalistic skill, originality and business insight, the television series created by Regency document the role of business-led development and multi-stakeholder partnerships in advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Regency’s programming is syndicated on Bloomberg, and 30+ networks around the world.

Regency’s professional team are adventurers at heart who embrace travel to get to the root of the story. No destination is too far. The team travels internationally immersing themselves in the diversity of environments, cultures and communities, bringing together local perspectives with global issues that uncover the heart of business and help brands earn their way into people’s lives.

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