Stanley Ginsburg


I ascribe to vision-driven leadership, whereby a leader incorporates our collective voice in where we are to be led.

ABOUT Stanley

With a background in financial services, Stanley advised businesses, organizations, trustees and authorities in the structure and management of corporate retirement funds. As a facilitator he has assisted private, public and community-based organizations to develop and implement strategy to bring about organizational change and to resolve difficulties. These days he concentrates his energies on the c'Dabra Foundation, an organisation that he co-founded and now leads.


  • Community Development

  • Education

  • Skills Development

  • Youth Development

c'Dabra is a catalyst, stimulating active citizenship through the mechanism of human rights awareness, community facilitation and educator and youth skills development. c'Dabra wishes to contribute to community resilience and well-being in an effort to break cycles of poverty, violence, conflict, trauma and abuse. It equips youth, social workers, community and business leaders with practical group facilitation skills so that community engagement, problem solving, strategic or project planning takes place in a participative manner that harnesses the collective thinking of all concerned. 

The Foundation focuses efforts on connecting partners operating in low-resource communities. These communities face the highest levels of socio-economic challenges including unemployment, gun violence, sexual abuse, gangsterism, substance abuse, poor housing & sanitation, and lack of service delivery.