Yael Fialkov Sacks

Co - Founder

I am committed to creating safe happy homes for all animals.


Educated at Herzlia, Yael completed an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts and Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management at UCT. She went on to work in corporate, but always had a strong affinity for animals.

So when the opportunity arose to get involved with fundraising for animals she didn't hesitate. Along with school friend Janna Joseph, they embarked on a journey which would eventually end in the creation of Africa Tails - an NPO which sterilizes and cares for neglected animals in the Cape.



  • Animal Welfare

Established in 2006, African Tails has matured into one of the Cape’s leading animal rescue organisations. It funds sterilisations on a weekly and monthly basis in various townships and impoverished communities around Cape Town, sterilizing thousands of dogs. As part of this project, there is also strong focus on educating the urban public about sterilization and the positive attributes of the incredible Canis Africanis.

Responding to calls for help from pet owners in townships, African Tails also assists when animals have been injured or are sick. Animals are collected, treated by a vet, and returned to the owner once they have recovered. Through weekly sessions with an African Tails representative, support programmes further educate the township communities about responsible animal care. Together with the sterilisation programme, the NPO has rescued and rehomed thousands of puppies and dogs from townships, giving them the second chance they need and deserve.