Glenn Lazarus



Glenn is the CEO of a small IT company focusing on online event registration, CRM and Network management. His love of kids, fitness and squash led him to look for a way to give back to the community. Together with his friend Dikana Ntombeni who lived in Soweto they started the Egoli Squash program 6 years ago. The program has grown beyond their wildest dreams and biggest expectations with thousands of kids involved.


  • Education

  • Youth Development

The Egoli squash programme uses the platform of sport as a catalyst to positively influence and empower learners to see opportunities outside of the cycle of poverty and crime prevalent in their communities thereby enabling them to expand their horizons and reach for their dreams. Over the years, Egoli squash has become an innovative sports development programme that help thousands of youth aged 8-19 from the Inner-city, Soweto and Alexandra areas to succeed in life through squash.

Our main pillars include: Schools Squash Mass Participation; The Homework Support & Bursary Programme, Colts Future Champions, Amaqhawekazi Women/Girls in Sport; The Life Skills and Youth Leadership Programme and Community Service.

We have a professional team of qualified community coaches and educators who run training sessions during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays for social and talent programs at our centres. See our website for more information on the centres where we work.