Helen Fraser



Helen is a former Capetonian who after matriculating from Wynberg Girls High attended UCT. For the past 30 years she has committed herself and her family to performing acts of Tzedakkah and in 2006 she founded the Nashua Children's Charity Foundation. Initially supporting just two organisations, the foundation has now grown to support 74 children's orphanages, special needs centres, schools, outreach centres, soup kitchens and daycare centres.

The children that the foundation assists are her mentors, they have so little and still offer a huge smile and a hug for the receipt of bare necessities. Helen is always amazed how those that truly have nothing are often the most happy and this is what encourages her to continue doing what she does. Showing people the joy of a child is the greatest motivation and is enormously rewarding. Her words cannot express gratitude but the smile of a child, she feels, can.

In 2017, Helen was nominated for the Absa Jewish Achievers-Jewish Woman in Leadership Award.



  • Children and Infants

  • Education

  • Gifts of Kindness

  • Orphanages and Care Homes

The Nashua Children's Charity Foundation (NCCF) provides approximately 600 000 meals per month to more than 15 000 children cared for across the 74 orphanages that the foundation assists. The foundation also supports special needs schools, day-care centres, creches, outreach centres, soup kitchens and safe houses.

It provides clothing, cleaning material, toiletries, beds and bedding, school uniforms, educational equipment and building materials to aid renovations and to improve basic living conditions of the homes that it supports. As part of its sustainable living projects the foundation treats children to various sponsored outings such as trips to Sun City, the zoo and numerous shopping excursions.