Jade Weiner

I partner with a variety of community organisations, outreach and awareness initiatives and have gained valuable experience working in strategic roles in NPOs.


Jade is a positive, energetic and vibrant person. She has learned that academia and creativity are indistinguishable. She has developed multi-faceted skills through her diverse interests, hobbies and experiences. She has had many opportunities to assert herself as both a leader and advisor in both a private and public capacity assisting individuals in breaking down personal and corporate challenges and taking decisive action to address these.

Her experiences have been invaluable in instilling her good work ethic and traits of professionalism, dedication and perseverance. She wishes to use these skills as a platform to advance her ideals and goals and elevate and reform societies. She believes that in the midst of difficulty lies opportunity, specifically in regard to a 'creative capitalist' approach where business and commerce can play a fundamental role in transforming social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect all. She knows that her capabilities and passions position her to be an asset that would help deliver this impact.



  • Education

  • Volunteering

Jade partners with a variety of community organisations, outreach and awareness initiatives and has experience in working in strategic roles in NPOs. Organisations where she has added value include: The Union of Jewish Women (UJW), Stop Hunger Now, SOSA, Family Life Centre, King David Schools Foundation, Limmud SA, University of the Witwatersrand Student Mentorship Programme, and the Jewish Life Centre.