Our Mission: To raise funds to create awareness of the CRPS disease in children.


In September 2016, Jed Kagan (10 years old) from Sea Point, Cape Town, experienced an intense pain in his knee. The pain elevated and Jed was rushed to Emergency. After a number of days, Jed’s pain had still not subsided. Diagnosis was proving difficult with many test eliminating route causes, but not identifying them. It was dead-end after dead- end. Eventually a peadiatric specialist with years of experience treating children suffering rare illnesses recognized these symptoms, Jed’s knee tested positive for. CRPS, a disease brought upon by a previous injury or sickness, which causes extreme pain in a region. In simple terms, the pain results from a series of incorrect nerve signals sent from the affected joint to the brain.

After searching pillar to post for an answer and solution to Jed’s severe pain, his luck changed when he landed on the steps of The Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital. Their Aneasthiology department had dealt with children with this disease and to date is one of the only institutions in the world equipped to help those suffering with the condition.

“We felt so accepted. It is a difficult disease to explain and to comprehend. Here they had seen it all before and they were encouraging and nurturing, caring and empathetic to Jed and to all of us. We so needed to be understood as it is a disease that makes one question ones sanity.” – says Shana

Jed became the 10th child in Africa to be treated for the rare CRPS disease after spending only 4 days at the Red Cross. He was discharged on the 25 November 2016.

During their time at the Red Cross, Jed and mum, Shana were introduced to a number of families who had suffered a similar ordeal and were inspired to have a positive impact on those affected by this condition. Jed has done a number of motivational speeches about CRPS and his experience with beating the illness. He has a soft spot for the Red Cross for the role they played in his recovery.

In Jed’s honour, Shana created a non-profit organization called Jedi Tedi. An organization focused particularly on raising funds for the Red Cross Pain Clinic on an ongoing basis.


  • Children and Infants

  • Elderly

  • Family Support

  • Volunteering

Jedi Tedi is a Charity Foundation that creates awareness and education about the rare disease known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

With the organization’s mission always in mind, Jedi Tedi strives to find new ways to comfort and instill hope in young fighters suffering from debilitating diseases. Jedi Tedi's are sold from R70 each, with proceeds going towards funding global CRPS awareness and The Red Cross Children's War Memorial Hospital Pain Clinic; and a Tedi is donated to a child in need of some comfort. Jedi Tedi care packages are also donated to children suffering from CRPS all over the world.

Jedi Tedi is always striving to explore new ways to jed(ucate) the public and raise awareness for CRPS as well as to raise funds for the pain clinic at the Red Cross Children's Hospital. By doing this, we are able to help suffering children and their families through their difficult times.