Lee Rael


I believe finding and following ones purpose in life is key to a happy one.


First and foremost I am a human being that cares deeply about the world around me and the impact I have on all levels. I seek to work with organizations and individuals who are aligned in my thinking and who seek to help solve our social or environmental issues. I am a graphic designer by profession with a passion for good design and technology combined with significant experience with online and digital media. I am also by nature an entrepreneur and continuously explore opportunities to grow as an individual and business owner. I believe that through the skills I have I can make a difference to the world around me through working with the right clients and helping them communicate their purpose in the world.



  • Community Development

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Leadership

At Seed we are driven by purpose to help sustainable ideas grow. Let’s create change together.
We offer a full suite of creative services to help organisations around the world achieve greater impact in their mission. By working with organisations that are doing good, we play our part and fulfill our vision.