Skye Scott

Founder and Doctor

I have a passion for social upliftment and positive collective change.


Dr Skye Scott practices as a family doctor in Sandton, Johannesburg. She started Sibahle while doing her community service at Tladi TB clinic in Soweto in 2013. Here she found patient's non-compliance was often related to not having enough to eat and having to take their medication on an empty stomach.


  • Food Security

  • Health

Meaning 'we are beautiful', the Sibahle Community Project aims to create a sustainable network of people who work together at public health clinics to feed and care for the community using readily available land resources, and some human ingenuity. After all, good food is good medicine.

Through the Sibahle soup kitchen, the team has served 200 meals a week for 5 years to the patients of the Tladi TB health clinic in Soweto. Many patients, including the chronically ill, struggle with taking their medication on an empty stomach so their meals are served early in the day. Overtime, the Sibahle Community Project hopes this will improve the overall health of all patients at the clinic.

The first Sibahle natural veggie garden is onsite at the Tladi clinic and uses natural growing principals with no chemicals or GMOs. Sibahle is creating a place of bounty and beauty, focussing on planting indigenous, nutritious, drought resistant plants. Their farmers work hard all year to grow the veggies that are used in the soup kitchen. They educate, and learn from elders, patients, fellow farmers, and children from the local primary school.