‘’The recipients showed tremendous gratitude and the older generation were teary eyed when we left, as many people don’t have anything to eat, which make this Ort Manenberg Feeding project so unique.’’ – Dawn Adams, Manenberg Project Manager.

ORT SA CAPE is an educational NGO that focuses on training and supporting teachers in disadvantaged communities. For the past 26 years, ORT SA CAPE has been operating at the forefront of education in the Western Cape. Our vision is a future where all teachers receive quality training and all children have access to quality education.

Due to our work in these communities and our regular contact with our interns, learnership students and beneficiaries during lockdown, their need for food parcels as well as the growing need within their communities came to our attention.

We are acutely aware of the deepening food crisis in these areas. Many live in child headed or grandparent headed homes or are working with children who live in such homes. Others are living in homes where there is now little or no income. Due to this we redirected some of our funding, where applicable, in order to help. Although this is not our core business, we decided to assist families in Manenberg where we have an extensive network and the majority of our interns are based.

We want to continue supporting our families in Manenberg who we started feeding over 2 months ago. This process involves packing and delivering food parcels every two weeks. Each family has an average of 6 members per family. We are working through one of our staff members, Dawn Adams, who lives in Manenberg and is sourcing the products locally. She has a group of people from the area assisting her to pack and distribute under strict COVID-19 regulations. Some of our interns from the schools in Manenberg are also assisting her.

This initiative costs around R28 000.00 per month ( +/- R400 per family). As you can imagine the need increases daily and even though this may seem like a drop in the ocean, to the families we support, it is their lifeline and return of some dignity.

If you can, please donate to Ort SA Cape Education Manenberg Feeding Project  

ORT SA Cape Education is proud to partner on the SA Jewish Response to Covid-19 & Beyond Campaign that calls on us all to educate ourselves and help those in need in whatever way we can. Acting collectively as a Jewish community allows us to amplify and extend our impact. Join us!

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