Kerry Hoffman spent a day sharing soup and sandwiches with people living on the street. That experience led to the establishment of Souper Troopers – a registered NPO that aims to restore dignity to homeless people and reintegrate them into society.

She was joined by Caryn Gootkin and together with the support of the Troopers and community volunteers, they work to achieve the purpose of eradicating homelessness.

Instead of aiming to solve this complex problem with a complex solution, they’re humanising it, keeping it simple. They use human engagement as a catalyst for change, breaking barriers by creating moments of human connection.

Souper Troopers provides specific events and services that allow The Homeless to be seen and heard. Their aim is to share dignity, love and respect while empowering the Troopers to make sustainable changes in their lives.

BUT FOR NOW in Covid-19, the absolute need and focus is to feed the homeless and hungry.

Covid -19 has highlighted the crippling hunger crises in SA, which is a sad reality for many, and which will remain after restrictions are lifted. Souper Troopers are committed to feeding and supporting the hungry in our community.

Souper Troopers are helping to deliver 160 000 meals per week

The long-term focus is to lay operational and systematic foundations to establish a permanent presence in Cape Town.

  • Setting up a central human hub for people looking for help reintegrating into society
  • Profiling and tracking each person’s development
  • Establishing social business initiatives to generate income – Souper Café, a Souper Market, a Souper Salon and a Souper Style outlet.