Management Consultant and Social Enterprise Guru, Marcus Coetzee, shared with the Mensch Network 10 recomendations on “How to stay happy, sane and productive when in the business of changing the world”.

Given that Marcus has over 20 years experience working with change-makers in the public and private sector; specialising in strategy design, facilitation of complex strategic and restructuring processes, coaching social entrepreneurs and managing large-scale national research projects… we chose to take note.

Marcus has also worked closely with organisations such as the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and EntrepreneurshipSocial Enterprise AcademyCitizen Surveys and Imani Development.


  1. Use values as your compass: Career values are something you must experience every day to be fulfilled in your work.
  2. Pay attention to synchronicity: Make use of coincidence (i.e. luck) and see where it leads with an open mind.
  3. : Navigate your path into the future: Have a general game-plan but don’t hold it too tightly.
  4. Cultivate a positive view of humanity: A positive view will help you cope and be a better leader.
  5. Learn to see systems everywhere: Learn how to map, deconstruct and improve systems, and persuade others to adopt the new approach.
  6. Learn to rapidly test strategic ideas: Fail fast rather than slowly.
  7. Develop a productivity system: Develop a toolkit for managing hundreds of tasks, and for clearing your mind and helping you focus.
  8. Adopt habits to keep you sane: Learn a set of habits or practices to keep you sane amidst overwhelming demands,  drama and pressures.
  9. Develop constructive relationships: Cultivate an attitude of openness and generosity; it will win in the long-term.
  10. Surround yourself with positive stimuli: Embrace books, podcasts, videos, online courses etc. that can challenge you, support you and accelerate your growth.

(Words, Marcus Coetzee, 2019)