Founded in 1931 with the aim of serving both the Jewish and broader communities, the UJW South Africa provided welfare projects during the depression years and later during Apartheid rule.

Across broader society, the organisation offered skills training in Centres of Concern, funded educational programmes, established crèches and nursery schools in impoverished communities and empowered disadvantaged sections of society to find employment and to become self-sufficient. Many projects are self-sustaining and still operational.

Today, The UJW Cape Town focuses on supporting vulnerable children and their families living in poverty in Cape Town.  Relationships with creches, hospitals, feeding schemes and daycare centres established over many years are strengthened by the UJW’s partnership models, their ethos of care, and their understanding of the beneficiary’s day-to-day experiences.

Their operational savvy and passion to help others, enabled the ladies of the UJW to pivot effectively and immediately escalate their food relief programmes to meet the additional urgent needs caused by Covid-19.

These are the SEVEN Cape Town organisations that they continue support during COVID and beyond – Feeding 783 children, teachers, helpers ad their families.

BENEFICIARY                                                             PEOPLE TO FEED                             

Kensington Educare Centre, Maitland                           100 children+6 teachers+families

Babes Educare Centre, Du Noon                                     85 children+6 teachers+families

Noluntu Soup Kitchen, Khayelitsha                                60 children+4 helpers+families

Masikhukukeke Educare, Jo Slovo Park                        36 children+5 teachers+families

Vlottenberg Community Org, Kuils River                      200 children+8 helper+families

Elundini for disabled/abled bodied children, Du Noon   60 children+9 Staff+families