Change a life and build someone a new home from as little as R500 or US$30 per month.

In South Africa, somewhere between 7.5 – 12.5 million people don’t have a safe roof over their heads, or a secure or properly ventilated home. On top of this, 10 shack fires occur daily across the country, resulting in 200 lives being lost every year.

On Sunday 14th June a fire (yet another) in Atlantis destroyed 14 homes, leaving 30 people homeless, while also claiming the lives of 5 members of the Nkuthe family. A mother and father each aged forty four, their children age twelve and six, and their eight month old baby.

If you can, please donate to the Fire Emergency Relief Fund. Since starting this fund in May, we’ve been witness to 23 homes destroyed in fire, leaving 69 people homeless. We have managed to rehome them.

We know that at this time of Covid-19 finances are tough, so we invite you to contribute whatever you can, once-off or monthly, and we’ll match your and the beneficiaries’ (yes, the homeowners also contribute) contributions.

You can choose to cover the full cost of a home, or to co-finance a home with us and the homeowner, or simply to donate a once off amount.

WE deal with all the finances, admin, planning, design and construction – YOU get to know you’ve deeply impacted a life.

All homes are built by Ikhayalami whose areas of focus include: research and development, upgrading of shelters, infrastructural development, community facilities, blocking-out (re-configuring settlement wide layouts) and disaster response. Ikhayalami’s technical support and material innovations, ensure that all emergency rebuilds use cost-efficient state of art materials that are and flood-resistant and fire retardant – even to the degree that they act as a barrier to the spread of fire.