What is a mitzvah? A Mitzvah, literally, is a commandment in Jewish law. However, it is often used to mean a good deed or an act of kindness and that is the basis for Mitzvah Day.  It is an integral part of Jewish life.

What happens on Mensch Mitzvah Day? On Sunday the 17th of November 2019, Mensch will host and facilitate the first Southern Africa wide Mitzvah Day. On this day we can all make a positive difference to the world in which we live by giving our most valuable possession — our time. We will join over 40,000 volunteers in 30 countries taking part in International Mitzvah Day!Groups of people will identify and beneficiary they would like to support, and decide on an activity to do. Everyone will plan and run their own day, supported by Mensch with logistical guidance and support; social media, marketing and branded merchandise; to ensure you have the fun and impactful day.

Who are Volunteer Partners? Volunteer Partners running a Mitzvah Day include schools; synagogues; community organisations; businesses; clubs; university students; young professionals; school, mother and baby groups; youth movements; interfaith groups and more.

Who are Beneficiary Partners? These are NGOs; NPOs; Jewish welfare organisations; social businesses; schools in need; hospitals in need; and various charities that are the recipients of a mitzvah.

What is ‘A Mitzvah Day’? An activity organised by a Volunteer Partner, with and/or in support of a Beneficiary Partner.

Where will Mensch Mitzvah Day take place? Mitzvah Day Projects and Activities will be happening at various locations across South Africa. The location is the choice of the Volunteer Partners and Beneficiary Partners, and dependent on the type of activity being run.

Can we run an activity like sandwich-making and then deliver to an organisation in need? We are not doing the activity together with our Beneficiary Partners, but rather in support of them.
Yes! Many organisations would love to be the recipient of your donations either made on the day, or that you have collected. Please select your Beneficiary Partner in advance and sign up here! If you are unable to deliver on the Sunday (as a school for example may be closed), you can arrange to deliver the following Monday morning. And take loads of pictures!

Can I volunteer as an individual?
Please see the selection of Volunteer Partners listed on our website. If they are accepting volunteers to join their activity, you should contact them directly. Please remember that some activities may require certain clearances or may already be full. Alternatively, you can create your own activity with a few friends. Whether small or big, every act of kindness is A Mitzvah Day!

We would like to run A Mitzvah Day but can’t do it on Sunday 17th November. Can we do it on another day and still take part in the global day? 
While we encourage all mitzvot to be done on this day, to support, celebrate and promote the global day of social action, you can run your mitzvah on another day in November. Please contact us to discuss.

We are a business, can we do A Mitzvah Day as a team build?
Yes! Great idea! And if you’d like your Mitzvah Day Activity can align with your businesses CSI strategy and profile

Can only Jewish organisations take part as Volunteer or Beneficiary Partners?
No! Mensch Mitzvah Day is for everyone! Mitzvah Day began in the UK 10 years ago as a Jewish led and organised day, rooted in the Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (repairing, or completing the world), Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving-kindness) and Tzedek (righteousness). Today, across the world it is a truely multi-faith and mulit-cultural day of coming together in the spirit of giving.Mensch facilitates a Jewish network of social change makers working in the NGO sector supporting beneficiaries from broader society, we do encourage you to work with our network members. In this way we support our Network members, and hopefully – some long-lasting relationships with organisations you can connect with and support year after year.

I’m having trouble signing up online.
Please contact us here.

I would like to sign up as a Beneficiary Partner, how do I connect with a Volunteer Partner?
Please sign up here to enable people searching on the Mitzvah Day Directory to connect with you. Alternatively, you can first view The Directory and find a Volunteer Partner interested in your cause. The Directory is updated as partners sign up.You can also speak to people you know, and organisations that you’ve worked with in the past and approach them with your request for A Mitzvah Day. Tell them that they can join a global community, all volunteering their time on Sunday 17th November. This includes 40,000 volunteers, 30 countries , 732 Mitzvah Days and  8 faiths groups. Download our 1-Page overview of Mensch Mitzvah Day to share with them.

I would like to sign up as a Volunteer Partner, how do I connect with a Beneficiary Partner?
Please sign up here to enable potential beneficiaries searching The Directory for a partner to find you. Alternatively, take a look at The Directory for a cause of interest. The Directory is updated as partners sign up.Please consider the organisations of our Mensch Network members listed on here and contact them to discuss and explore further. You can also Google, ask friends, and look at what’s happening in your surrounding neighbourhoods.

We have a plan for our Mitzvah Day, what happens next?
Wonderful! Once you’ve signed up as a partner we will be in touch and supply you with social media tools so you can continue to spread the word and get others to sign up to this campaign. We believe that when people see all the beautiful acts of kindness in the world, it encourages us all to do more and this has a ripple effect.We will also send you information on merchandising, an events checklist, and invitations to webinars as we build up to the day. We will also offer logistical guidance for the day itself and support you in making a fantastic, impactful event.

Got another question?
Please contact us here.