Ari Poyurs


“From the very falling comes the rising, from the very darkness comes the light!”


After graduating in 2012, Ari Poyurs spent a year learning in Israel. It was there where he realised the power of emotional intelligence and soon after he began his journey in education.

Ari has worked as a formal and informal teacher in King David since 2015. HE is a student of psychology, business and has also worked as a counsellor for Lifeline JHB. He has also delved into corporate training and ran the Sydenham Youth for just under 4 years. He is currently studying to become an educational coach through PENN University.

When not studying and developing his business, you can find Ari playing the guitar and ukulele, travelling, hiking, listening to podcasts, reading, playing soccer, learning to play golf, and watching Man United slowly get back to winning ways!


  • Education

  • Leadership

  • Skills Development

Happy Schools caters for your school's Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Character Development needs. Using a dynamic model and behavioural science, we provide engaging curriculum/workshops to get our students ready for the 4th industrial revolution.

We equip our students with the tools to navigate their emotions and their environments. We also provide content and training for teachers and parents to help them navigate their journey.

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