Glenn Stein

Director, Lead Developer

Great ambitions require great sacrifices


Glenn Stein is Managing Director of Aweza, and winner of the International Netexplo Innovation Award (2016). Aweza seeks to assist in bridging the language barriers that hinders communication in different social sectors.

Glenn's professional training lies in mobile software development and product management, but his passion for language was born from a gap year spent living in Argentina as a Rotary Exchange student immediately after matriculating from Herzlia High School in 2007.

Glenn’s vision to improve lives through technology as well as his passion for culture and people is a driving force in the development of Aweza. Motivated by early successes, Glenn is driven to see Aweza make its mark across the African continent.


  • Education

  • Health

#OneNationOneConversation - Aweza is an internationally award-winning tech-based initiative that strives to inspire and empower South Africans to overcome language barriers across all sectors of society.

In the healthcare sector, medical practitioners and patients often don't speak the same language and this often results in inefficient patient management. Using the Aweza multi-lingual communication framework for mobile, AwezaMed seeks to address this problem by improving communication between practitioners and patients in the healthcare sector despite them speaking different languages.

Language barriers also stunts learning in education. Using their plugin, in partnership with FastMaths Online, AwezaEd is unlocking learning potential for non-first language English speaking learners. AwezaEd is an assortment of online tools that maximises the learning potential for students learning in a second language.