Margolite Williams

Partnerships & Planning Specialist

I simply want to connect, build relationships with people who need help and to spread love - this fills my soul, as making a difference is key in my life.

ABOUT Margolite

Margolite is a passionate, dedicated sales consultant who is now applying her years of experience to the NGO sector.

After 8 years as a successful freelance sales consultant working to promote brands across a range of industries, Margolite changed direction and began to apply her experience to the NGO world - where her sales, networking and fundraising skills are much needed.

She combines her skill for sales (she can truly sell an apple to a donkey) with her drive to give back, build relationships and make a real difference in the world.

Says Margolite "The NGO space allows me to stay true to my own values of authenticity, drive and putting my heart and soul into my work. I love people and love diving into tasks with zest and positivity."

She spent 3.5 years at Ladles of Love, working to help transform the organisation from a grassroots project into the national organisation that it is today.

She now volunteers as the Partnerships & Planning Specialist for SA Harvest, working in their Cape Town environment.


  • Disaster Management

  • Environment

  • Food Security

THIRTEEN MILLION South Africans go hungry every day while ONE THIRD (10 million tons) of all the food produced goes to waste. These two irreconcilable realities are the motivation for the founding of SA HARVEST.

SA HARVEST collects quality surplus food in refrigerated vehicles from a variety of sources and delivers it direct, without delay, and free of charge, to a wide variety of organisations that feed food-vulnerable people on a daily basis. Because their business model enables them to deliver PERISHABLE as well as NON-PERISHABLE food, their recipient organisations get a sufficient variety of food types to provide full and nourishing meals to their people.

SA HARVEST is based on four pillars:

FOOD RESCUE – Eliminating hunger and food waste through the redistribution of quality surplus food. They can deliver PERISHABLE as well as NON-PERISHABLE food, enabling recipient organisations to get a sufficient variety of food to provide full and nourishing meals to their people.

EDUCATION – Raising awareness about food waste, food rescue, food security and nutrition, and driving a process that helps people to become food self-sufficient through sustainable and appropriate educational programmes and technologies.

ENGAGEMENT – Involving the community in reducing food waste and alleviating hunger. This is achieved mainly via a programme of volunteering.

INNOVATION – As innovators in the food rescue space they constantly look for new solutions to combat food waste and hunger in South Africa.