Unity is strength: Let us work towards this common goal and as one voice creates this inspired reality for our children.�


Olivia Krok is a young South African passionate about social change and social entrepreneurship. Her journey began at a young age volunteering whenever she could. Her interest lies mainly in education and youth development but has expanded into environmental and sustainability projects.



  • Community Development

  • ECD

  • Environment

  • Skills Development

Bouquet of Humanity was started by Olivia in 2017. The idea of this “Bouquet of Humanity" illuminated during a meditation and has started to manifest into something more powerful, where she continues to learn and grow each day. It is a project and event management consultancy with a focus on social impact.

She strives to bring people together so that we can utilize our individual strengths to achieve a specific goal and create a positive change in society. The believe that, anything can be achieved when you make problem-solving a creative pursuit, is the vision for the company. 

Project in Progress #letsbuildmasibulele - Olivia is the founder of the project. She believes that we cross paths with people for certain reasons. Olivia met Patricia (the principal of Masibulele Educare Centre) one day walking in the park. She has been working with this school for two years now ,doing various events and fundraising with the school. She hopes together with others they can rebuild the school and create sustainable solutions for the teachers and children so they can feel safe, secure and learn effectively.