Pamela Kantor


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela

ABOUT Pamela

Johannesburg born Pamela Kantor is an educator dedicated to enabling exciting teaching environments through the adoption of various strategies and methodologies - to create thriving, stimulated learners.

Since graduating from the University of Witwatersrand with a Higher Diploma in Education (Junior Primary), she's taught children across the plethora of South Africa’s diverse make-up to include: Rosebank Primary School, King David Primary Sandton, Eden College Primary, and currently since 2016 Summerwood Primary.

Her qualifications include remedial and dyslexia support for which she has a passion. As an educator, she is also an active member of her school’s management and support teams. Pamela is a mother of three children.


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During Covid-19 countless children without access to online resources have had their education stalled. Teacher, Pamela Kantor, recognised that this was the case for many of her very own students from the Alexandra Township.

Passionate about education to uplift communities, Pam knew she needed to do something. In a moment of inspiration, she posted a simple request to her friends and family asking them to read a story and WhatsApp message it for her to share.

Soon thousands of stories were flooding in from SA and abroad. Fellow teachers, parents, students, and even successful children’s authors were eager to take part.

‘Read For Hope’ creates meaningful change in the lives of children through a love of reading and learning, sparking their imaginations. The project also creates an environment of kindness and support, as the children feel cared for - through the sharing of stories by their fellow South Africans and the global community at large.

The Initiative with the help of the Otto Foundation and countless volunteers has reached over 100 schools; provides stories for the deaf community; and has joined forces with Nal’iblai, a multilingual literacy campaign which has over 11000 reading clubs in all nine provinces.

Fellow teacher, Stacey-Lee Leijenaar has partnered with Pam capacitating the expansion from audio clips to wonderfully entertaining videos with authors, adults and children bringing life to these stories.

Please contact Read for Hope should you wish to volunteer

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