Romi Kaplan


It's OK to not be OK


Romi Kaplan specialises in psychosocial wellbeing and is a member of The Counselling Hub Steering Committee. She holds an MSt in Forced Migration from Oxford University and trained in mental health trauma at Tel Aviv University and at Global Mental Health at Harvard University.

Kaplan currently gives workshops on Self Care and Vicarious Trauma for NGO workers and acts as a lay counsellor. In addition to her volunteer counselling work at the Counselling Hub in Woodstock, she is also a board member of the South African Jewish Museum, the Mensch Social Change Network and the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies, UCT where she initiated the Jewish Digital Archive Project.


  • Community Development

  • Family Support

  • Health

In South Africa, some of the barriers that make it difficult for people to access mental health services include the stigma associated with asking for help, long waiting times at local clinics and the high cost of private support.

As a low-cost service, the Counselling Hub, located in Woodstock, positions itself as an affordable choice for individuals and families looking to access basic mental health care services.
By focusing on accessibility and affordability, the NGO hopes to directly address the social determinants of mental health that are shaped by socio-economic factors.

Apart from providing affordable and accessible mental health services, the organisation advocates for community- level mental health services and creates awareness about mental health through psycho-social programmes and initiatives.

The Hub brings the skills of volunteers, students in training and professionals to the centre to increase the capacity of providing quality counselling, supervision and mental health resources

It is a project of the SACAP Foundation in partnership with the Kaplan Kushlik Educational Trust.