Founder and lead consultant

Yeshayahu 58

ABOUT Illana

Illana is a lifetime consultant with over 20 years’ experience working in developing economies. Her work is focused on demand-side research and analysis, with a focus on lower income market segments. She works with corporate, public sector and not-for-profit clients across a range of sectors.

Illana founded 71point4, a consultancy focused on bringing data-driven insights and solutions to support the growth of customer focused, transformative sectors in developing economies. This includes banking, consumer credit, healthcare, and her passion - housing. Clients include think-tanks, government departments as well as private sector companies.

She has worked extensively across the spectrum of data sources, combining best available data including record level transactions or administrative data, survey data as well as so-called thick data generated by qualitative research methodologies such as focus groups.

Prior to starting 71point4, Illana worked at Eighty20 which she founded in 2001. Before that she worked at international management consulting companies.


  • Education

  • Health

  • Housing

  • Research and Development

71point4 is a Cape Town based strategic research consultancy specialising in people-focused, data-driven research. Our work focuses on bringing the life and experience of citizens, end-users and consumers into the decision making processes of policy makers, think tanks and executives and at the centre of decisions that matter. Through evidence-based research, we strive to drive change in the public and private sector and, in doing so, contribute to the economic development and well being of end-consumers.

We focus on sectors of the economy that have transformative potential; including housing, housing finance, credit markets and indebtedness, and financial inclusion. The team at 71point4 comprises data scientists, marketers and economists.